Spreadsheet Replacement

Assisting organisations reduce dependency and risks from complex spreadsheets.

Spreadsheets are great tools and widely used across most businesses. The problem is that, over time, some take on a role much larger and more critical than initially envisaged, becoming complex, error prone and a hindrance to the business.

We take a critical view of using spreadsheets in mission critical business processes or for handling sensitive data, and offer reliable, secure, scalable, maintainable alternatives. Our solutions offer:

  • Live secure integration with other internal and external systems, removing the need to manually import and export data
  • Scalable calculation engine, to handle high volumes of data and complex calculations in the background
  • Automated workflows, removing dependency on macros
  • Data import validation prevents innaccurate data from entering the system
  • Data entry validation reduces keying errors
  • Rich embedded analytics and dashboards
  • Multi-user access
  • Role-based security
  • User access logging
  • Version control and change governance
  • Data held and controlled centrally, reducing opportunity for unauthorised copying and exfiltration

Spreadsheet Common Challenges

  • Poor or no documentation
  • Hard to know who changed what
  • Hidden logic and macros make it difficult to understand what is going on
  • Data entry errors
  • Accidental formula deletion or overriding
  • Failed or partly failed data imports
  • Data pasted in the wrong place
  • Dependency on particular individuals who know how the spreadsheet works
  • Easy to replicate and distribute sensitive data
  • Not designed for concurrent use by multiple people
  • Wrong manual data fixes
  • Accidental deletes
  • Unplanned growth, spreadsheets become large and cumbersome

Our Approach

At SecureChoice we are passionate about data and know the importance of ensuring that your data is healthy, reliable and secure.

We can assist you assess those spreadsheets that have become too complex to manage, too dependable and risky to your business. We will work with your team to identify better alternatives, implement solutions, migrate data and provide support while ensuring knowledge transfer and a smooth transition.