IOT Integration

Assisting organisations take advantage of the internet of things

The integration of smart devices and sensor technologies will lead the next wave of business automation.

For those organisations who have already digitally transformed and integrated their sales channels and supply chains, the internet of things will bring new ways of working by digitally optimising their operations.

If your digital transformation is still under way, taking an IOT perspective can help you accelerate your journey, streamline processes and leverage the power of real time data, machine learning and analytics.

We work with leading IOT technology vendors to facilitate the adoption of IOT and integrate it with customers’ existing systems, in ways that are agile and non-intrusive. A focussed, stepped approach can derive quick benefits with very little risk.

Automate and Harness the Potential

  • RFID inventory management
  • Goods receiving and dispatching
  • Tools and equipment tracking
  • Origin tagging and tracing
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Contact tracing
  • Physical access control
  • Venue entry
  • Security cameras and sensors
  • Visitors registry
  • Time and attendance
  • Field installation services
  • Farming and mining automation
  • Asset tagging and tracking
  • Secure encrypted network for IOT data traffic

Our Approach

At SecureChoice we are passionate about innovation and know the importance of ensuring that technology is not holding you back.

The internet of things provides new capabilities to connect with customers and business partners, streamline and optimise supply chains, improve equipment and inventory efficiencies, reduce risks, contain losses and enable staff to work in more efficient and enjoyable ways.

We build prototypes, integrate data and apply machine learning to help you create new, innovative processes. We work with your team and leverage our network of reliable technology partners to ensure the best chance of success for your IOT initiatives. We can also assist identify Opex and subscription type costing, to reduce investment risk and capital commitment.