Data Validation

Assisting organisations tackle data challenges in a practical and effective way.

We develop data validation software to identify and measure data errors and misalignment across systems. These can be customised to meet specific business requirements. The data validation software reachs out to diverse data sources and uses customisable validation rules to check for integrity violations, missing and misaligned data.

Once the errors are found we work together with our customers to help them define and implement the data correction and reconciliation strategy that will best suit their priorities.

Common Challenges

  • Same data updated in multiple places
  • Failed batch processes
  • Failed interface runs
  • Same data processed multiple times
  • Incorrectly imported spreadsheets
  • Failed restores from backup
  • Incomplete data migration
  • Wrong files from suppliers and third parties
  • Data entry errors
  • Wrong manual data fixes
  • Poor inteface error handling
  • Data format mismatch between systems

Our Approach

At SecureChoice we are passionate about data and know the importance of ensuring that your data is healthy and reliable.

We can assist you improve your data accuracy, by implementing data validation software to identify the discrepancies and work with your team to help address the root causes.