Data Migration

Assisting organisations migrate data effectively, improving quality and reducing project implementation risks.

A carefully thought data migration strategy, properly executed, is a key element of every successful project implementation.

Regrettably, it is not uncommon for data migration decisions to be driven by compressed deadlines and end-of-project pressures, that compromise outcomes and result in post-implementation pain, costs and frustration. Once the project team is gone, the organisation is left to mop up the data issues and live with the consequences.

A major system change is a great opportunity to declutter, to re-think which data is important to keep and which data is better to purge or leave behind.

Data migration is an opportunity to re-evaluate the data design, deployment, access, protection and replication strategies as well as data costs and management practices.

Selecting, preparing, extracting, transforming and transferring the right data, validating it for integrity and completeness and decommissioning the legacy data, when done properly pay high dividends.

Common Challenges

  • Unclean legacy data
  • Data format misalignment
  • Poorly defined data retention policies
  • Transactions in flight
  • Unreliable backups
  • Internal team not experienced enough
  • Lack of visibility of storage costs
  • Tight project timelines
  • Test vs Prod environment differences
  • Business Rules not properly defined
  • Poorly documented interfaces
  • Manual extracts and manipulation
  • External sources / spreadsheets

Our Approach

At SecureChoice we are passionate about data and know the importance of ensuring that your data is healthy and reliable.

We can assist you get things right, assessing the quality of your data upfront and working out the best data migration approach, whilst reviewing other important aspects of such as your data design, deployment, replication and maintenance, to improve your overall data management practices and reduce costs.

We work with your internal data team and external service providers to keep your data migration on-track and reduce post project implementation pain.