Warehouse Space Congestion Monitoring

No matter how large or small, warehouses experience moments when the ability to effectively process stock is impacted by space congestion. Being able to handle increasing volumes of pallets and parcels needing to be received, unpacked, put away, picked, packed, loaded and delivered becomes very challenging when your warehouse is running out of room.

Operating in a congested space invariably affects staff productivity, increases OH&S risks, causes product damages, impacts overall performance and customer satisfaction.

Using next generation photographic analysis and machine learning technologies, our warehouse space congestion monitoring solution provides a low cost, reliable tool for detecting space congestion in real time, across multiple sites and zones. With each monitoring sensor trained and configured to visually identify congestion tresholds, you can monitor multiple sites from the same dashboard and take action before warehouse space availability reaches critical point.

Optional integration with delivery booking, order management and replenishment systems help smooth the inventory flow.

Automated warehouse capacity monitoring

  • Active visual scanning of available space capacity
  • Monitors and analyses multiple zones per site
  • Multi site management dashboard
  • Configurable alerting thresholds
  • On-App, SMS and email alerting
  • Alerting and escalation workflows
  • Optional integration with delivery booking system
  • Optional integration with inventory management system
  • Next generation object recognition technology
  • Adaptable detection and analysis models