Club Membership Management

Managing club membership is a serious business with a lot of things to do and keep track of: onboarding new members; managing renewals; meetings and activities; facilities booking; renewals and receipts; plus organising all the meetings, minutes and member communications.

Our membership management software simplifies the membership lifecycle management by providing a common platform where your team can work together, being easily able to see what requires attention and what jobs are still outstanding.

Automated workflows make it easy to distribute tasks and keep everyone informed.

From online membership applications, automated renewals invoicing, rich support for tracking member communications, managing different membership types and fees, keeping your files together in one place and sharing calendars of activities and events.

Integrated analytics enable you to measure and analyse membership, activities and financial performance

Club membership management

  • Online membership applications
  • Reviews, approvals and workflow control
  • Membership administration
  • Automatic renewal invoicing
  • Online secure payments
  • Events calendar
  • Facilities booking
  • Equipment booking and asset tracking
  • Member communication management with automated email tracking
  • Role based security
  • Integrated Membership, Activities and Financial Analytics

Athlete Management

Managing athletes requires collecting and analysing a lot of data. Our Athlete Management software provides an integrated, scalable application platform to collect, visualise and analyse training and competition data.

Originally designed for rowing, our Athlete Management software can be customised to meet specific requirements of other individual and team sports.

It streamlines athlete administration, saving the time spent chasing, collating and manually uploading training and competition data. It provides a single place for managing training activities, competition calendars and results, equipment booking, event enrolment and information sharing.

Designed for analytics the Athlete Management software makes it easy to track and analyse training and performance over time, compare athlete and squad participation and effectiveness.

Role based dashboards cater for the different athlete, coach, manager and support staff needs, keeping everyone up-to-date no matter where they are training or competing.

Athlete management

  • Feature rich athlete and team administration
  • Training and competition tracking
  • Third-party API integration with Sports Associations
  • Equipment booking and asset tracking
  • Season and tournament analysis
  • Events calendar
  • Athlete, coach, club management and support staff dashboards
  • Member communication management with automated email tracking
  • Role based security
  • Integrated individual and team analytics

Venue Booking & Events

Managing venue bookings is not a simple task. It involves a lot of moving parts and numerous people, including venue providers, caterers, cleaners and event producers, who need to clearly communicate and coordinate their actions to ensure events and functions run smoothly.

Our Venue Booking system simplifies the information workflow, ensuring that the important details are captured and processed efficiently, keeping people up-to-date with what is going on.

Integrated analytics enable you to measure and analyse venue and event performance

A venue booking and event management

  • Manage bookings for multiple venues and spaces
  • Quote engine
  • Online Bookings and Secure Payments
  • Integrated Customer Management
  • Online secure payments
  • Events calendar
  • Supplier Management
  • Role based security
  • Integrated Venue and Event Analytics