Digital Asset Management

The uncontained sprawl of reports, dashboards and spreadsheets is a common issue in retail organisations. The volume of digital assets multiplies, with many people creating and maintaining their own versions, resulting in confusion and lack of trust in the data. Critical business processes and decision making can be impacted, and there is always the risk of data loss and exfiltration.

Our digital asset system provides a reliable tool for maintaining an accurate inventory of all the important reports, dashboards and spreadsheets used around the business. In a simple and efficient way it helps identify and document critical digital assets, captures change requests from various stakeholders and automates the approval workflow. It keeps track of who has ownership and accountability for these digital assets and provides an audit trail of who requested what changes and why.

The change management workflow enables work assignment to the developers, provides visibility of the work in progress, tracks when changes move from development to testing to deployment, facilitates deployment scheduling and documentation.

Previous version examples and supporting documentation can be saved for future reference, so everyone is clear about the full life-cycle of all critical digital assets in use in the business.

Digital asset management made simple

  • Critical digital asset inventory
  • Change request and approval workflows
  • Work assignment to development team
  • Work in progress tracker
  • Deployment support
  • Previous versions archive
  • Supporting documentation archive
  • Version control and audit trail
  • Digital asset and change analytics