Pay Allowance Calculation

Pay allowance calculation via spreadsheets is labour intensive and a common source of errors, resulting in incorrect payments, staff complaints and compliance issues.

Our Pay Allowance Calculation solution takes care of the complexities involved in calculating pay allowances and provides all those important review screens and analytics, that help monitor, manage and optimise labour costs across multiple projects.

In addition to being able to better manage project labour costs and margins, knowing and being able to demonstrate that your staff are being paid correctly gives everyone great peace of mind.

A payroll costing system that works for you

  • Project/job planning integration
  • Track billable & non-billable hours
  • Skill based allowances
  • RDO calendar
  • Site and height allowances
  • Travel time
  • Away from home allowances
  • Third-party API integration
  • Customisable allowances & deductions
  • Role based security
  • Project/Job costing reporting
  • Work site activity reporting
  • Customisable payroll integration
  • Integrated Allowances Analytics

Timesheet Management

The accurate capture of hours worked in project and non project activities and their allocation to the correct cost centres are vital to ensure labour costs stay within the estimates and are properly accounted for.

Our timesheet data capture solution enables site managers to quickly and accurately enter normal hours and overtime for work performed. It captures hours worked in project and non project activities. Timesheets can be entered by project and by team. Tools include auto-fill of employee regular hours, auto-split of regular hours and overtime, timesheet cloning from previous week and bulk "easy as" functionality for quickly entering timesheets for larger teams.

The timesheet approval workflow easily identifies timesheet completion status, manages the approval process and ensures the data is safely recorded and locked after approval.

The timesheet management solution supports RDO calendar. It natively integrates with our Pay Allowance Calculation solution and can be optionally integrated with third-party project management software via APIs.

Role-based security enables people to focus on the information that is relevant to their roles.

An easier way to capture timesheets

  • Project and non project activities
  • Timesheet capture by job and by team
  • Auto-fill of regular employee hours
  • Auto-split of regular hours and overtime
  • Clone timesheet based on previous week
  • Bulk "Easy As" functionality for larger teams
  • Timesheet approval workflow
  • Supports RDO calendar
  • Native integration with Pay Allowance Calculation
  • Optional integration with project management systems
  • Role-based security
  • Integrated timesheet Analytics