At SecureChoice we assist organisations accelerate their digital transformation by tackling their data challenges head-on.

We help to get things right by:

  • integrating data from multiple internal and external systems
  • developing and implementing software to streamline workflows
  • developing and embedding statistics, charts and dashboards into applications
  • replacing spreadsheets and automating complex calculations
  • consolidating data repositories and removing unnecessary duplications
  • re-writing data extraction and loading scripts for accuracy and performance
  • re-writting queries and removing bottlenecks that slow down the systems

Capture, Integrate, Measure, Analyse & Optimise

Industry Solutions

Our industry solutions are ideal for handling data from multiple sources, complex calculations and workflows.
They create workflow efficiencies and enable our customers to leverage the value hidden in their data through application embedded analytics.

Construction & Building Services

Clubs & Venues

Retail & Supply Chain

Business Services

Consulting Services

Our consulting services assist customers address data quality issues, develop reports and dashboards, replace complex spreadsheets, integrate and migrate their data and leverage the power of IOT and RFID to further automate and improve business efficiency.

Data Validation
Spreadsheet Replacement
Data Migration
IOT Integration